Thursday, October 29, 2015

You are probably here because you have encountered a website that pops up a dialog box or some other form of annoying modal widget preventing you from accessing the content of the website. Usually these dialogs will ask you to either register to their website, complete some kind of offer or to complete a survey before you can proceed to the website. The dialog usually contains a tinted background over the website's content preventing you from selecting or viewing anything else on the website. It usually looks something like this:

This can sometimes be very annoying, as you can see the dialog blocks us from accessing any of the content behind it. In this particular website the modal dialog shows up when it detects that we have visited the website more than once. I am going to show you a little trick to remove this signup dialog so we can access the websites content so the end result should look like this:


The methods can vary between web browsers, so just to make this clear we will be working with the Google Chrome browser this method will also work with other major browsers such as Firefox. Open your browser and go to the website containing the popup dialog. Ensure the the page is completely loaded before proceeding. In case we will be using this link. This is what the webpage currently looks like.


Hover you mouse over any of the dark background regions and right-click on the region. A menu consisting of a list of options should popup. It should now look something like this. The red star indicates the region that was right-clicked.


Select the 'Inspect Element' option from the menu list that popped up. A small window should show up showing lines of HTML code. You won't need to know what the codes mean but if you look closely you will see that a line of code has been automatically highlighted.


Now click on the line of code that has been highlighted and hit the delete button on your keyboard. This will remove the tinted dark background covering the website. Your end result should look something like this.


Now if there are still objects covering the content of the webpage you can just repeat steps 1 through to step 4 but this time instead of right-clicking the dark background you would instead right-click the object that is currently on the webpage that you want to remove. In our case the background has been removed however the signup dialog is still present. So to remove the signup dialog, going through the steps again, we would hover our mouse over the signup dialog (going as close as possible to one of its ends) and then right-click. Select the 'Inspect Element' option. The window containing the HTML code will popup. Click on the line of code that is highlighted and hit delete. You will repeat the steps until all objects blocking the webpage are removed. This is the end result after removing the signup dialog.

Simple Trick to Bypass Website Dialog Blocking Content

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

While there are a large number of drag-and-drop software and websites out there that will allow you to  create stunning diagrams only a select few take into consideration diagrams that involve software development. As such key components required to create class diagrams, sequence diagrams, use cases and other forms of software modeling diagrams are usually absent. Here I have compiled for you a list of websites that allow you to create UML diagrams.


If you're looking for a website that gets straight to the point, one that doesn't require registration then this is the website for you. You can either save your diagrams to google drive, One Drive, drop box or even to your computer/ device. This website allows you to select predefined components from specific categories to complete your diagrams. You can select components from UML diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, flow charts, basic shapes and arrows.


Creately has a clean user interface packed with amazing tools to get you up and running and creating stunning UML diagrams in minutes. Creately has over a hundred templates from which you can choose to start creating your diagram. With Creately you can design sequence diagrams, class diagrams and use case diagrams. Creately also allows you to connect with collaborators and draw diagrams in real-time. While this website has a free version there are some restrictions such as you will only be able to create one(1) project and only (5) diagrams. To remove these limits please refer to their pricing plans to see if there is a package that suits your budget.


Yet another astonishing web app that allows you to create UML diagrams. This website allows you to create a free account with a few restrictions. You are limited to only 5 diagrams and 2 MB of free storage so if you thing you'll need more room to draw then consider upgrading your free account when you register. To begin drawing just simply hit the large orange button that says "Start Drawing" you can begin immediately. In addition to UML you can also create Flow charts, Venn diagrams and other technical drawings.


Cacoo is another UML design website that offers free as well as paid packages for creating diagrams. This website also has a large number of templates and tools that you can choose from to start building your diagrams. Along with the usual UML and flow chart tools you can also create other diagrams such as database diagrams, sitemap diagrams and wire-frame diagrams. Cacoo also allows you to choose from a wide range of languages and is therefore used by many persons and companies across the globe.

This is yet another stunning website that has a friendly user interface for creating diagrams. Diagrams can easily be created by just clicking any of the tools in the left sidebar. Clicking on the tools in the sidebar will generate the respective components in the drawing in the center bar as well as generating a code that you can easily edit to your liking. No need to drag-and-drop, re-size or move around any object on the diagram, just simply edit the code or add your own code and the diagram will be generated automatically.

Websites to Create UML Diagrams for Your Software Online

Friday, October 16, 2015

There are numerous amounts of movies and T.V series centered around technology and particularly technologies that can think like humans. Machines that are capable of performing like humans are referred to as Artificially  Intelligent machines. Movie directors have developed creative story lines that brings fictional A.I technologies to life through movies. Here I have compiled a large list of A.I. movies that you can watch:


This movie involves a man, Theodore Twombly, a writer who was recently involved in a break-up, gets his hands on an amazingly complex operating system. The OS named Samantha is surprisingly very smart and funny. As the movie continues Theodore develops a deep loving relationship with his new operating system. As he learns new things about her she also seeks to learn things about him and also develops feelings for him.

I, Robot

This movie features Will Smith as a detective in a world soon to be overrun by robots. In this world robots are in every household they are treated like any other personal product. The movie starts with Smith investigating a murder that he thinks was carried out by one of the robots. Robots are programmed to obey and protect humans so when the unlikely suspect in a murder case turns out to be a robot, humans become fearful for their lives.


Wall-e a waste disposal robot is the last robot alive and spends his days doing exactly what e as programmed to do to clean up the earth. Wall-e kept doing this until he came across another robot that was sent back to earth named Eve. Eve was sent back to earth to determine if the planet habitable enough for the humans to return. Wall-E follows eve across the galaxy and together they embark on an amazing adventure. 

Artificial Intelligence (2001)

This is a movie about a little boy, David,  who found out why he was always different from other kids, he was a robot. In this world humans live along-side robots or "mechas". David partners with an energetic mecha, Gigolo Joe to discover what he can do. David was originally created to replace a son. David seeks ways to become more realistic to gain the love he seeks from his mother. David is the first robot build that is capable of love.

Ex Machina

A software programmer, Gleeson, wins a competition where the prize involves him evaluating an A. I robot's intelligence. Gleeson gets to spend some time at secret location where he is introduced to the robot Ava. The robot appears physically attractive and is capable of reasoning beyond anything Gleeson has ever seen. Gleeson is warned by the robot not to trust her creator, Nathan. Initially Ava shows signs of consciousness and even flirts with Gleeson a bit.

A.I(Artificial Intelligence) Movies List

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The internet is flooded with millions of science related websites that readers can visit to learn something new. A lot of these websites are often very detailed and may explain concepts in ways that kids may not understand. Not many websites take into account the age group of their readers and may end up neglecting younger visitors to their website. Here I have compiled for you 4 science sites that you may find useful for kids. The websites are selected based on the grade level and simplicity of the contents present.

Easy Science for Kids (

This website was created primarily to aid tutors, parents and teachers in teaching kids science, the website has a very friendly user interface and makes it extremely easy for kids to follow. The website covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Technology
  • Plants and Animals
  • The Human Body
  • Earth related science
The website is packed with images and videos to help kids in understanding the material they are presented with. The website also has fun activities and experiments that children can try within their classrooms or at home.

SciFun.Org Home Experiments (

This website contains over 20+ fun experiments that kids can try at home. This website allows kids to make use of simple household items to make amazing science products. The website also has step-by-step instructions to allow kids to easily build their products. An interesting thing to note about this website is that t also contains questions and formulas to further explain to kids how these experiments and related to common phenomenons and equations taught in class. Some of the experiments that you might come across on this website includes chromatography experiments using candy, making electric motors using simple materials, forcing eggs to fit in a bottle.

Science Kids (

This is yet another amazing website that teaches children about science. Along with the basic science categories such as technology, animals and chemistry Science Kids also covers fun facts. These are surprising facts that are meant to enlighten kids on the amazing depths of science. Surprisingly the website also has a games category which I think is an excellent way of getting a kid's attention. The games are also science related and is a great way to attract kids to learn about the different areas of science.

Kids Try Science (

This website has a very beautiful user interface that is reflective of that of a plant growing various branches where each branch leads to a different category. This website is part of a larger website Teachers Try Science that focuses mainly on teaching kids various science experiments. The website contains topics from Physical sciences, math, engineering and space. It contains a very large number of easy-to-follow experiments for kids. The website also has variations in different languages to cater for kids all across the world. The website also contains a large number of lesson plans, so if you are a teacher, tutor or parent you can explore these plans. You can also create your own lesson plan and share it with others on the website. 


Hopscotch (

While this is not necessarily a website but an app I would recommend using this app to teach kids the basics of programming. The app contains an easy to use drag and drop interface that is perfect for helping kids to build their own games. This is an excellent an fun way to get kids interested in coding and is very easy to learn for first-time programmers. The app is available on the AppStore.

4 Cool Science Sites for Kids

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Having a logo is essential to the development of any business whether large/ small. A logo is a strong indication that you are serious about what you do. Remember that an image is worth a thousand words. A logo may provide small details that will indicate to customers what your product / website is about. A logo provides an easy way for customers to remember your website/product. Here are five(5) logo softwares that you can use to build professional logos for your website/ product:

1. EximiousSoft Logo Designer (Trial/Paid)

This software provides a neat ribbon interface packed with features. Upon start-up you are greeted with a dialog displaying hundreds of logo templates from which you can chose one. Pre-made templates are grouped into different categories which range from business to sports making it easier for you to chose templates that fall within your niche. You could improve further on your selected template by adding objects from a list of thousands signs / symbols; and if your still not satisfied you may design your own shape/text, customize it with various graphics styles, add a drop shadow, reflection or even a glow. Logos can be exported to almost any image type including JPG, PNG, GIF and TIFF.

Size: 14.45 MB
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and more..

Download EximiousSoft Logo Designer

EximiousSoft Logo Designer
image via

2. Pretty Logo (Trial/Paid)

Living up to its name this software provides you with a variety of tools to create pretty logos. The software comprises an easy to use drag-n-drop interface filled with a variety of pre-defined templates. Select a template from the popup dialog displayed, which contains over 50+ templates.You can add text. There's also a drop-box where you can select symbols from any category. Categories may include shapes, objects, animals or even cartoons among all others. You can further customize symbols/ text to your liking, add an outline, a shadow, a reflection or even a bevel effect.

Size: 6.12 MB
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and more..

Download Pretty Logo

Pretty Logo

3. Sothink Logo Maker (trial/Paid)

This logo creator provides a clean drag-n-drop interface. It has many different panels comprising a variety of features that can be performed on the logo. You can add text or graphics objects such as shapes or icons. The features of Sothink Logo Maker are endless.This software makes it easy to create professional logos in minutes. A lot of editable features are present for both texts and objects. Features such as applying gradient colors, adding bevel effects, adding border styles, reflection and many more. This is probably the best logo creator you will come across. You can later export your finished logo in a wide variety of image formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF and SVG.

Size: 28.82MB
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and more..

Download Sothink Logo Maker

4. Quick Logo Designer(Trial/ Paid)

Quick Logo Designer is yet another exceptional logo creation software. It comes packed with over 2000 pre-defined logo templates. It provides a variety of editable features that can be performed on texts, shapes and symbols. The software also comes packed with over 300 professional fonts that can be applied to your text to enhance the beauty of your logo. In addition to the general effects that can be applied to objects(gradient, bevel etc.) you can also apply more unique effects such as grey style, pixelate or sharpen to enhance objects. Pre-defined slogans are also available. The image logo can be exported in a variety of formats(JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF etc).

Size: 154.5 KB
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and more..

Download Quick Logo Designer

5. Company Logo Designer(Trial/Paid)

This software contains a large variety of templates. When started the software provides you with an easy walk-through on how to use its different components. It doesn't have a very friendly interface and lacks most of the features that the other designers have it does however provide a lot of useful features that makes it easier to use. Professional logos can also be created using this software. Logo images can be exported as JPG.

Size: 2.15 MB
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and more..

Download Company Logo Designer

5 Softwares for Creating Logos

Have you ever wanted to begin your own games website/ blog but don’t know where to begin or how to develop games of your own? Well look no further. Here are just a few sites to get you started. Games are offered free of charge to use on your own blog or website. All you have to do is download the .swf from the website OR copy the embed code provided to your webpage. There’s no limit to the amount of games you can take. If you must you can also read the Terms and Conditions for each site before copying their games.

This website is very popular and well known for its large distribution of games. Here you can download games from categories like adventure, sports, driving, 3D and even multi-player games. To get started all you have to do is click the ‘Embed’ link to get the embed code or the ‘ZIP’ link to get the game files which you can host on your own website. You can also subscribe or get their game feeds to receive the latest updates on games added to their gallery. Game feeds are in XML and JSON format. There is also an API available that allows games to automatically be posted to your website/blog.

This website is dedicated entirely to game developers and publishers. With a free games catalogue of thousands of games from 16 different categories you really wouldn’t need to search for games anywhere else. You can also browse games based on features such as good games and featured games or by games that are leaderboard or even achievements games. The site also allows you to create and retrieve custom feeds in JSON and XML format so you’re always updated on games within your sites niche.

Armor Games is a popular games website mainly for playing games but they have an entire page of free reusable games that you can add to your own website. Armor Games is popularly known for the high quality games they produce so you can always have high expectations about the games you are given. You may want to read their terms of service before using their games. You can first test the game by hitting the ‘Play’ or go right ahead and hit the ‘embed’ link to get the embed code to add to your site/blog.

This website has a complete section of over 90 games available free for website owners to use. Games range from as far as Action to Tower Defense games. Leaderboard and Multi-player games are also available, allowing you to make the most of your visitors’ experience. Users can compete against others playing the game and also view the high scores of everyone that has ever played the game. Hovering over the image of each game gives a short description of the game. To get started just click on a game and copy the HTML code given to your website.

This site uses the GameTreat Web App. Website owners would only need to copy the web app to their site, and that’s it, no need to go looking for more games. The app provides your site with a variety of high quality games. The app can also be customized to your liking in order to fit in with the contents of your website better. There is also a feature for a single game to be displayed at any one time in your app. There is also an app launcher available, in this case the player is not in the webpage but launches a hovering player when clicked on. The games are updated daily.

Yet another popular games website. Free World Group contains approximately four pages of flash games dedicated to website owners that are in need of free games to add to their own. Here you will find games from almost any category including educational games, math games, good games and even seasonal games such as Christmas games and Halloween games. Games can be added either using the embed code given or the download link given. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates on any new games are added to their gallery. There is also a play option so you can always test your games before downloading or adding them to your website.

This website contains 5 pages of over 100 games for you to add to your own website. Its easy to add their games to your website all the embed codes are placed in a box beside each game title; all you have to do is click in the desired game box and hit Ctrl+A to select every text in the box and then add the code to your website. You can also add their Shock-wave flash game console to your website, the console comes packed with some of the sites games, you would however have to upload the file to your own server. There is also a link to a full games list page that you can add to your website, maintenance and updates to games are automatically done for you by the site owners.

Sites that Offer Free Games for Your Website/ Blog

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Four Monsters that want to eat your brain
Its not only in sci-movies that there are actually parasites that actually want nutriments from the human brain.Yes there are invasive species that want to do that as well ,For now i'll present four different creatures that literally want to turn you all into zombies.
#1 Neueocystericerosis
The first is Neurocysticerosis this is caused by the accidental ingestion of eggs form Taenia solium otherwise known as (pork tapeworm) ,yes people beware of those so-called, sweet ,savoury tasting porks that you all enjoy.This is usually spread by people who is contaminated with Taeniasis. Neurocysticercosis is said to be one of the most common brain disease in developing countries and one of the main cause of epilepsy.

the cycle of the zombies infection Yahhh!!! haha ha beware peeps!.

what your brains look like when the crazies are finished!!! and note this person brain is out of his head ,so guess what yes he is dead.

Treatment /Prevention:Do not eat raw or uncooked meat especially pork meat which may be infected with taenia solium .The drug of choice is usually albendazole and also praziquantel.

#few Naegleia

   Naegleia is another rare infection that is unusual and fatal to the brain.The infection is caused by an amoeba that is common is lakes or fresh waters.Exposure usually occurs during water sport and swimming in lakes .

The amoeba travels up the nose and travels to the brain,where it causes severe damage.People that get infected normally dies within a week. Its been said that a lot of people get exposed per year ,however only some get infected guess its a matter of immunity on the individual level.

don't make the pretty colors fool you  this amoeba is deadly.
bad!!!! bad!!!! parasite do not infect the swimmers.

Treatment :Avoid the usage of ponds and lake ,note if an individual is totally submerged in the water it normally does not affect that person. As strange as it seems it is also said that a person hardly gets infected if they drink contaminated water. 

#3 Toxoplasmosis Gondii
This is a single aka one celled organism ,Most cases were reported in the USA .Very few infected individual individuals have shown symptoms primarily because a healthy persons immune systems usually keeps the parasite from causing illness.pregnant woman and individuals with compromise immune systems are usually at serious risks. 

when the parasite infects the brain.

Its those cute fur ball that's the vector so be cautious peeps!,The disease causes damage to the brain the eyes and other organ.

The disease is contracted from uncooked meat which are contaminated.meat such as  lamb and again Pork!!!! just saying.

see this cookie monster don't let it fool you that's what the parasite wants to do to your brain.

Treatment : includes freezing meat sources for several days below sub-zero temperatures .Do not intake under cook meat sources .Do not drink raw or unpasteurized goat milk,wash cutting boards utensils and hands with soapy water.

#4 Loa loa 

 The Loa loa is a parasite that is contracted from repeated bites from deer flies. Also known as mango flies or mangrove flies,the flies are normally found in high canopies of rain forest in central and west Africa. The infection is commonly associated with itchy swellings, and the presence of worm/worms in the eye. Yeah you heard right worm in the eye.

for those that watch naruto thats not a new doujutsu ,its not a sharingan its a worm.

Treatment :try not to get bitten by a deerfly .

Brain eating monsters

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