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5 Pranks That May Have Gone Too Far

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Pranking has long been a phenomenon used to entertain people, it is a mischievous act carried out usually on an individual by another as a practical joke. The first ever recorded cell phone prank can even be dated back as far as 1884, according to a source from It is now a phenomenon that has taken the internet by storm in particular YouTube. Many of YouTube's most popular channels are prank related channels. Channels such as fouseytube, vitalyzdtv, romanatwood and pranksvspranks have millions of subscribers and receive thousands of viewers daily. The popularity of these YouTube stars has now lead to newer YouTubers emerging with their own prank channels. While a lot of these pranks that are posted online are very funny there are others that are cringe worthy, border-line racist and sometimes just not funny enough to be considered a prank. A lot of these pranks may sometimes even result in violence or an individual being injured unintentionally. So here I have compiled for you a list of 5 pranks that may have gone too far.

The ATM Robbery Prank

This prank was done by Alpha Crew and the video was posted on YoutTube. The video entails two pranksters, one playing the victim and the other playing the robber. The prankster playing the victim stands in front of an ATM machine and pretends to be withdrawing cash from his card. The robber would then approach him from behind and then tackle him, so as to make it look as if he is robbing the victim. This is done in a public area in the full view of onlookers passing by. Persons passing by would then attempt to stop the robber. All went as planned for the pranksters with the exception of one situation where a passer by tackled and punched the 'robber' in the face leaving a hole in his nose.

Wiping *Poo* on People

This prank was posted on the YouTube channel BookOfKen. The prank involves a prankster sitting in one of the stalls in a public restroom. The prankster purposefully removes the toilet paper in the stalls beside him, so that persons that use these stalls would be forced to ask him for some of his toilet paper. However there is a nasty surprise waiting for the persons being pranked. The prankster  not only gives toilet paper to the person asking for it but also wipes fake feces(nutella) on the persons hand when handing over the toilet paper. This results in the persons being pranked retaliating violently trying to open the stall the prankster is in.

Wiping Period Blood On Girls

This is yet another prank done by BookOfKen following the previous prank stated.This is similar to the first but with the exception being fake period blood is used instead. This also results in the females arguing and leaving the bathroom in a hurry. One can only imagine the level of stress these girls experience and I'm pretty sure they didn't find it funny.

The Cab Ride Prank

This one was done by BlackBoxTv. Two females are taken on an unexpected ride in what they thought was a regular taxi. Things start to seem off to the females when the cab driver starts twitching and scratching himself randomly. He then starts pulling on his hair and whispering to himself at this point the females started asking him to pull over. He then stops pulls out a gun, at this point the females start screaming and tried to open the car doors, but the doors were locked. He then shoots himself in the head, dies and then returns as a werewolf. At this point one could only guess how these females felt by how traumatized they looked.

Car Stolen While Talking to Prostitute Prank

This one was done by Coby Persin, it involves a female posing as a prostitute on the sidewalk. Men with cars would then drive up to the female at which point the female prankster would try to talk them into coming out of their car. Another prankster would then try to get in the persons car and 'steal' it (and bring it back of course). I am pretty sure stealing a car is wrong which could get these pranksters in a lot of trouble but what can these persons being pranked do about it, they weren't exactly doing something legal as well.

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