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Brain eating monsters

Four Monsters that want to eat your brain
Its not only in sci-movies that there are actually parasites that actually want nutriments from the human brain.Yes there are invasive species that want to do that as well ,For now i'll present four different creatures that literally want to turn you all into zombies.
#1 Neueocystericerosis
The first is Neurocysticerosis this is caused by the accidental ingestion of eggs form Taenia solium otherwise known as (pork tapeworm) ,yes people beware of those so-called, sweet ,savoury tasting porks that you all enjoy.This is usually spread by people who is contaminated with Taeniasis. Neurocysticercosis is said to be one of the most common brain disease in developing countries and one of the main cause of epilepsy.

the cycle of the zombies infection Yahhh!!! haha ha beware peeps!.

what your brains look like when the crazies are finished!!! and note this person brain is out of his head ,so guess what yes he is dead.

Treatment /Prevention:Do not eat raw or uncooked meat especially pork meat which may be infected with taenia solium .The drug of choice is usually albendazole and also praziquantel.

#few Naegleia

   Naegleia is another rare infection that is unusual and fatal to the brain.The infection is caused by an amoeba that is common is lakes or fresh waters.Exposure usually occurs during water sport and swimming in lakes .

The amoeba travels up the nose and travels to the brain,where it causes severe damage.People that get infected normally dies within a week. Its been said that a lot of people get exposed per year ,however only some get infected guess its a matter of immunity on the individual level.

don't make the pretty colors fool you  this amoeba is deadly.
bad!!!! bad!!!! parasite do not infect the swimmers.

Treatment :Avoid the usage of ponds and lake ,note if an individual is totally submerged in the water it normally does not affect that person. As strange as it seems it is also said that a person hardly gets infected if they drink contaminated water. 

#3 Toxoplasmosis Gondii
This is a single aka one celled organism ,Most cases were reported in the USA .Very few infected individual individuals have shown symptoms primarily because a healthy persons immune systems usually keeps the parasite from causing illness.pregnant woman and individuals with compromise immune systems are usually at serious risks. 

when the parasite infects the brain.

Its those cute fur ball that's the vector so be cautious peeps!,The disease causes damage to the brain the eyes and other organ.

The disease is contracted from uncooked meat which are contaminated.meat such as  lamb and again Pork!!!! just saying.

see this cookie monster don't let it fool you that's what the parasite wants to do to your brain.

Treatment : includes freezing meat sources for several days below sub-zero temperatures .Do not intake under cook meat sources .Do not drink raw or unpasteurized goat milk,wash cutting boards utensils and hands with soapy water.

#4 Loa loa 

 The Loa loa is a parasite that is contracted from repeated bites from deer flies. Also known as mango flies or mangrove flies,the flies are normally found in high canopies of rain forest in central and west Africa. The infection is commonly associated with itchy swellings, and the presence of worm/worms in the eye. Yeah you heard right worm in the eye.

for those that watch naruto thats not a new doujutsu ,its not a sharingan its a worm.

Treatment :try not to get bitten by a deerfly .

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