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4 Cool Science Sites for Kids

The internet is flooded with millions of science related websites that readers can visit to learn something new. A lot of these websites are often very detailed and may explain concepts in ways that kids may not understand. Not many websites take into account the age group of their readers and may end up neglecting younger visitors to their website. Here I have compiled for you 4 science sites that you may find useful for kids. The websites are selected based on the grade level and simplicity of the contents present.

Easy Science for Kids (

This website was created primarily to aid tutors, parents and teachers in teaching kids science, the website has a very friendly user interface and makes it extremely easy for kids to follow. The website covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Technology
  • Plants and Animals
  • The Human Body
  • Earth related science
The website is packed with images and videos to help kids in understanding the material they are presented with. The website also has fun activities and experiments that children can try within their classrooms or at home.

SciFun.Org Home Experiments (

This website contains over 20+ fun experiments that kids can try at home. This website allows kids to make use of simple household items to make amazing science products. The website also has step-by-step instructions to allow kids to easily build their products. An interesting thing to note about this website is that t also contains questions and formulas to further explain to kids how these experiments and related to common phenomenons and equations taught in class. Some of the experiments that you might come across on this website includes chromatography experiments using candy, making electric motors using simple materials, forcing eggs to fit in a bottle.

Science Kids (

This is yet another amazing website that teaches children about science. Along with the basic science categories such as technology, animals and chemistry Science Kids also covers fun facts. These are surprising facts that are meant to enlighten kids on the amazing depths of science. Surprisingly the website also has a games category which I think is an excellent way of getting a kid's attention. The games are also science related and is a great way to attract kids to learn about the different areas of science.

Kids Try Science (

This website has a very beautiful user interface that is reflective of that of a plant growing various branches where each branch leads to a different category. This website is part of a larger website Teachers Try Science that focuses mainly on teaching kids various science experiments. The website contains topics from Physical sciences, math, engineering and space. It contains a very large number of easy-to-follow experiments for kids. The website also has variations in different languages to cater for kids all across the world. The website also contains a large number of lesson plans, so if you are a teacher, tutor or parent you can explore these plans. You can also create your own lesson plan and share it with others on the website. 


Hopscotch (

While this is not necessarily a website but an app I would recommend using this app to teach kids the basics of programming. The app contains an easy to use drag and drop interface that is perfect for helping kids to build their own games. This is an excellent an fun way to get kids interested in coding and is very easy to learn for first-time programmers. The app is available on the AppStore.

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