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A.I(Artificial Intelligence) Movies List

There are numerous amounts of movies and T.V series centered around technology and particularly technologies that can think like humans. Machines that are capable of performing like humans are referred to as Artificially  Intelligent machines. Movie directors have developed creative story lines that brings fictional A.I technologies to life through movies. Here I have compiled a large list of A.I. movies that you can watch:


This movie involves a man, Theodore Twombly, a writer who was recently involved in a break-up, gets his hands on an amazingly complex operating system. The OS named Samantha is surprisingly very smart and funny. As the movie continues Theodore develops a deep loving relationship with his new operating system. As he learns new things about her she also seeks to learn things about him and also develops feelings for him.

I, Robot

This movie features Will Smith as a detective in a world soon to be overrun by robots. In this world robots are in every household they are treated like any other personal product. The movie starts with Smith investigating a murder that he thinks was carried out by one of the robots. Robots are programmed to obey and protect humans so when the unlikely suspect in a murder case turns out to be a robot, humans become fearful for their lives.


Wall-e a waste disposal robot is the last robot alive and spends his days doing exactly what e as programmed to do to clean up the earth. Wall-e kept doing this until he came across another robot that was sent back to earth named Eve. Eve was sent back to earth to determine if the planet habitable enough for the humans to return. Wall-E follows eve across the galaxy and together they embark on an amazing adventure. 

Artificial Intelligence (2001)

This is a movie about a little boy, David,  who found out why he was always different from other kids, he was a robot. In this world humans live along-side robots or "mechas". David partners with an energetic mecha, Gigolo Joe to discover what he can do. David was originally created to replace a son. David seeks ways to become more realistic to gain the love he seeks from his mother. David is the first robot build that is capable of love.

Ex Machina

A software programmer, Gleeson, wins a competition where the prize involves him evaluating an A. I robot's intelligence. Gleeson gets to spend some time at secret location where he is introduced to the robot Ava. The robot appears physically attractive and is capable of reasoning beyond anything Gleeson has ever seen. Gleeson is warned by the robot not to trust her creator, Nathan. Initially Ava shows signs of consciousness and even flirts with Gleeson a bit.

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