Thursday, October 29, 2015

Simple Trick to Bypass Website Dialog Blocking Content

You are probably here because you have encountered a website that pops up a dialog box or some other form of annoying modal widget preventing you from accessing the content of the website. Usually these dialogs will ask you to either register to their website, complete some kind of offer or to complete a survey before you can proceed to the website. The dialog usually contains a tinted background over the website's content preventing you from selecting or viewing anything else on the website. It usually looks something like this:

This can sometimes be very annoying, as you can see the dialog blocks us from accessing any of the content behind it. In this particular website the modal dialog shows up when it detects that we have visited the website more than once. I am going to show you a little trick to remove this signup dialog so we can access the websites content so the end result should look like this:


The methods can vary between web browsers, so just to make this clear we will be working with the Google Chrome browser this method will also work with other major browsers such as Firefox. Open your browser and go to the website containing the popup dialog. Ensure the the page is completely loaded before proceeding. In case we will be using this link. This is what the webpage currently looks like.


Hover you mouse over any of the dark background regions and right-click on the region. A menu consisting of a list of options should popup. It should now look something like this. The red star indicates the region that was right-clicked.


Select the 'Inspect Element' option from the menu list that popped up. A small window should show up showing lines of HTML code. You won't need to know what the codes mean but if you look closely you will see that a line of code has been automatically highlighted.


Now click on the line of code that has been highlighted and hit the delete button on your keyboard. This will remove the tinted dark background covering the website. Your end result should look something like this.


Now if there are still objects covering the content of the webpage you can just repeat steps 1 through to step 4 but this time instead of right-clicking the dark background you would instead right-click the object that is currently on the webpage that you want to remove. In our case the background has been removed however the signup dialog is still present. So to remove the signup dialog, going through the steps again, we would hover our mouse over the signup dialog (going as close as possible to one of its ends) and then right-click. Select the 'Inspect Element' option. The window containing the HTML code will popup. Click on the line of code that is highlighted and hit delete. You will repeat the steps until all objects blocking the webpage are removed. This is the end result after removing the signup dialog.

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