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Sites that Offer Free Games for Your Website/ Blog

Have you ever wanted to begin your own games website/ blog but don’t know where to begin or how to develop games of your own? Well look no further. Here are just a few sites to get you started. Games are offered free of charge to use on your own blog or website. All you have to do is download the .swf from the website OR copy the embed code provided to your webpage. There’s no limit to the amount of games you can take. If you must you can also read the Terms and Conditions for each site before copying their games.

This website is very popular and well known for its large distribution of games. Here you can download games from categories like adventure, sports, driving, 3D and even multi-player games. To get started all you have to do is click the ‘Embed’ link to get the embed code or the ‘ZIP’ link to get the game files which you can host on your own website. You can also subscribe or get their game feeds to receive the latest updates on games added to their gallery. Game feeds are in XML and JSON format. There is also an API available that allows games to automatically be posted to your website/blog.

This website is dedicated entirely to game developers and publishers. With a free games catalogue of thousands of games from 16 different categories you really wouldn’t need to search for games anywhere else. You can also browse games based on features such as good games and featured games or by games that are leaderboard or even achievements games. The site also allows you to create and retrieve custom feeds in JSON and XML format so you’re always updated on games within your sites niche.

Armor Games is a popular games website mainly for playing games but they have an entire page of free reusable games that you can add to your own website. Armor Games is popularly known for the high quality games they produce so you can always have high expectations about the games you are given. You may want to read their terms of service before using their games. You can first test the game by hitting the ‘Play’ or go right ahead and hit the ‘embed’ link to get the embed code to add to your site/blog.

This website has a complete section of over 90 games available free for website owners to use. Games range from as far as Action to Tower Defense games. Leaderboard and Multi-player games are also available, allowing you to make the most of your visitors’ experience. Users can compete against others playing the game and also view the high scores of everyone that has ever played the game. Hovering over the image of each game gives a short description of the game. To get started just click on a game and copy the HTML code given to your website.

This site uses the GameTreat Web App. Website owners would only need to copy the web app to their site, and that’s it, no need to go looking for more games. The app provides your site with a variety of high quality games. The app can also be customized to your liking in order to fit in with the contents of your website better. There is also a feature for a single game to be displayed at any one time in your app. There is also an app launcher available, in this case the player is not in the webpage but launches a hovering player when clicked on. The games are updated daily.

Yet another popular games website. Free World Group contains approximately four pages of flash games dedicated to website owners that are in need of free games to add to their own. Here you will find games from almost any category including educational games, math games, good games and even seasonal games such as Christmas games and Halloween games. Games can be added either using the embed code given or the download link given. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates on any new games are added to their gallery. There is also a play option so you can always test your games before downloading or adding them to your website.

This website contains 5 pages of over 100 games for you to add to your own website. Its easy to add their games to your website all the embed codes are placed in a box beside each game title; all you have to do is click in the desired game box and hit Ctrl+A to select every text in the box and then add the code to your website. You can also add their Shock-wave flash game console to your website, the console comes packed with some of the sites games, you would however have to upload the file to your own server. There is also a link to a full games list page that you can add to your website, maintenance and updates to games are automatically done for you by the site owners.

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