Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Websites to Create UML Diagrams for Your Software Online

While there are a large number of drag-and-drop software and websites out there that will allow you to  create stunning diagrams only a select few take into consideration diagrams that involve software development. As such key components required to create class diagrams, sequence diagrams, use cases and other forms of software modeling diagrams are usually absent. Here I have compiled for you a list of websites that allow you to create UML diagrams.


If you're looking for a website that gets straight to the point, one that doesn't require registration then this is the website for you. You can either save your diagrams to google drive, One Drive, drop box or even to your computer/ device. This website allows you to select predefined components from specific categories to complete your diagrams. You can select components from UML diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, flow charts, basic shapes and arrows.


Creately has a clean user interface packed with amazing tools to get you up and running and creating stunning UML diagrams in minutes. Creately has over a hundred templates from which you can choose to start creating your diagram. With Creately you can design sequence diagrams, class diagrams and use case diagrams. Creately also allows you to connect with collaborators and draw diagrams in real-time. While this website has a free version there are some restrictions such as you will only be able to create one(1) project and only (5) diagrams. To remove these limits please refer to their pricing plans to see if there is a package that suits your budget.


Yet another astonishing web app that allows you to create UML diagrams. This website allows you to create a free account with a few restrictions. You are limited to only 5 diagrams and 2 MB of free storage so if you thing you'll need more room to draw then consider upgrading your free account when you register. To begin drawing just simply hit the large orange button that says "Start Drawing" you can begin immediately. In addition to UML you can also create Flow charts, Venn diagrams and other technical drawings.


Cacoo is another UML design website that offers free as well as paid packages for creating diagrams. This website also has a large number of templates and tools that you can choose from to start building your diagrams. Along with the usual UML and flow chart tools you can also create other diagrams such as database diagrams, sitemap diagrams and wire-frame diagrams. Cacoo also allows you to choose from a wide range of languages and is therefore used by many persons and companies across the globe.


This is yet another stunning website that has a friendly user interface for creating diagrams. Diagrams can easily be created by just clicking any of the tools in the left sidebar. Clicking on the tools in the sidebar will generate the respective components in the drawing in the center bar as well as generating a code that you can easily edit to your liking. No need to drag-and-drop, re-size or move around any object on the diagram, just simply edit the code or add your own code and the diagram will be generated automatically.

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